Holiday Hexies

Do you have a long term project you just pick up a few times a year? Something that’s purely therapeutic, mindless and there’s no end game?
I do! It’s purely for fun and has no deadline whatsoever. I’m calling it Blissful Abandon. Sounds a bit Mills & Boon doesn’t it?


I’ve been working on these 1″ fussy cut hexagons for over a year. I’m not in a rush as I’ve now worked out the longer it takes the more fabric I can include.

Fussy cutting is a pretty slow process, choosing the motif and then painstakingly cutting six identical shapes before stitching them over paper by hand.

Did I mention that it’s very relaxing? Highly recommend you give it a go :-)



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    • says

      Glad you’ve joined the blog world. A most wcomlee addition. And, of course, you needed something else to do with your spare time. I’m warning you though, it can be addicting.Jan

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